marbella thai massage

Marbella Thai Massage

Marbella Thai Massage


A combination of Thai and deep tissue techniques resulting in a massage that focuses on easing tight muscles whilst soothing both body and mind with the application of based oils

Thai Massage or Traditional Thai Massage is a complex massage technique thousands of years old, which is performed on a futon on the floor. It is applied over the whole body, from the feet to the head. In case there is any doubt, a futon is a cotton mattress, of Asian origin, which is laid directly on the floor or on a flat, hard surface.

The origin of Thai Massage is, as we have pointed out, millenary, created in circles close to Buddha with the sole intention of maintaining his health and that of his disciples. Its origin is attributed to Dr. Shivago, who gradually collected all the techniques that seemed most important to him from the different Asian medicines. These included yogic philosophy and Ayurvedic medicine.

Over the centuries, he branched out into two different methods of application. The first consisted of acupressure and the second of opening up the body with extensive stretching, but both massage techniques always without modifying the healing axioms and general therapeutic objectives. Both techniques are in charge of unblocking the physical, emotional and mental body, allowing the patient to be in perfect harmony, trying to avoid illnesses and imbalances.

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Benefits of Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai Massage in our massage center in Marbella helps you combat tension problems in the neck or shoulders, as well as metabolic dysfunctions.

Our Thai massage technique aims to fine-tune your body, so that it feels in harmony and ready to face any situation. Thai massage received with some regularity, offers patients an improvement on the nervous, circulatory, digestive and immune systems.

The masseuses of our center in Marbella list the most significant benefits and advantages of traditional Thai massage:
- Thai massage relieves stress almost immediately.
- It is able to strengthen the immune system in an obvious way.
- It can promote blood stimulation of patients.
- Improves intestinal and digestive transit.
- Promotes and facilitates physical and mental relaxation, allowing total relaxation.
- It also favors muscle tone and reduces tension in muscles and tendons.
- Improves posture and increases joint flexibility.
- Finally, it has been shown to stimulate the mind, body and spirit of patients.


About Thai Massage with Oil

The Thai oil massage uses aromatic oils while applying deep, strong pressure, rolling and stretching motions with the hands, thumbs, elbows, and knees. It is a rhythmic, energizing massage in the classic Thai massage fashion.

We begin with a seventeen-minute full-body warm-up utilizing traditional Thai techniques; this releases tension without the use of oil. You will be needed to take off your outer clothing after the warm-up, when we apply oil to your entire body to relax the muscles.

This massage is typically given on a table and is perfectly suited for a western setting. In order to prevent unwarranted embarrassment, please make sure you are wearing appropriate undergarments. Please be aware that if you are pregnant, we cannot massage you with medium-hard pressure.